Riding a bike could bring a lot of enjoyment, but it is also dangerous. Not only beginners but experienced riders would also end up in a hospital. You might not avoid every crash, but paying attention to the road and keeping up your eyes will help to notice threats and then make a better decision in serious situation. As a motorcyclist, make sure that you focus on the following dangers to keep your own safety.

1. Panic stop

There is always risk for a crash when a rider has to slam his brakes, especially when you are on a bike. As the front brake provides nearly 70 percent of the stopping traction, if you use it too hard, it is possible to lock up the front wheel and throw you off the motorcycle.

2. Car waiting to turn

Intersections are definitely one of the most dangerous areas on the road as many drivers often make careless turns. In fact, a lot of motorcyclists have been hit by these cars, which leads to serious injuries or even death. Therefore, remember to pay special attention while moving through an intersection.

3. Approaching vehicles

Perhaps a driver is calling with his smartphone. Perhaps a driver is eating a burger. Perhaps a driver is daydreaming. Whatever the reason is, it would lead to serious crash when he drifts to other lane. Therefore, riding like everyone and keeping up your eye is the best way to lower the risks of colliding with approaching vehicles.

4. Gravel on the road

It can be challenging to handle roadkill, dirt and sticks, but the most difficult obstacle on the road must be gravel, which kills the grip and make your motorcycle to work unpredictably.

5. Too fast speed at a corner

One of the best features of a motorcycle is that it is fast. For many people, experiencing unbridled and raw speed for the first time is awesome, but it is also dangerous.

In a straight lane, most riders do not face too many problems, but learning how to take a corner is a lot more challenging. A beginner is particularly at risk of riding too fast at a corner, but even a professional one could also make mistake.

6. Opening car door

This is not often an issue when you are riding on an open lane as drivers rarely open the doors while moving. But in the cities, you need to pay special attention to avoid serious accident.

7. Other vehicles behind

In many situation, slow-moving traffic could be more dangerous than stopped traffic as people ride in so close distance. As a result, if a driver is distracted just for a short moment, he would knock another rider off his motorcycle and into the road.

8. Bad weather

It is rather miserable when riding your motorcycle in the rain as you often get soaked and other cars would splash water. In addition, your vision will be reduced and the roads will have more oil slick. As a result, it could be more dangerous for a rider. In this situation, make sure that you wear right safety gear such as jacket, gloves, and especially a top full-face helmet under $100 to protect your body.

9. Riding and drinking

In general, alcohol or beer, which is the main reason for a large number of accidents, will slow your time of reaction as well as impair your judgment. Thus, do not ride after drinking, otherwise it would significantly increase the risks of wrecking.

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