If you often spend many hours in the garden, you could probably realize that you do an excessive amount of eliminating the weeds by using the best weed wacker. For some first few weeks, you can feel that tearing up those intruders could be quite satisfying, this task soon becomes boring.

What is that? Does your garden need weed? In fact, weed is natural remedy for areas that are in a damaging state. However, gardeners and weeds have different concepts of which need to make for recovering well. With the better knowledge of weed and the strategy outlined below, you could win most of the next skirmishes, thereby providing you more time to get pleasure from your garden. Continue reading “3 USEFUL TIPS TO CONTROL WEEDS EFFECTIVELY”

How one man’s view of Chinese gardens challenged English orthodoxy?

It would be tedious to enumerate all the errors of false taste; but the havoc it has made in our old plantations must ever he remembered with indignation: the axe has often, in one day, laid waste the growth of several ages; and thousands of venerable plants, whole woods of them, have been swept away, to make room for a little grass, and a few, American weeds.

Now there speaks an angry man. His name was Sir William Chambers and his diatribe, A Dissertation on Oriental Gardening, written in 1772, was aimed straight at the leading landscape designer of the day, the great Lancelot “Capability” Brown. As the darling of every wealthy landowner with a country estate, Brown had indeed swept away a lot of trees (and planted a lot of new ones). More to the point, he was the principal figure in the new English fashion for a more natural landscape, for lakes and carefully placed groves and splendid long expanses of shaved lawn. Provided the funds held out, he appeared set to “improve the entire face of England – not only the grand estates, which to some extent qualified for such treatment, but hundreds of more modest country seats that often didn’t. Continue reading “How one man’s view of Chinese gardens challenged English orthodoxy?”